These days, many parties and weddings/receptions are being produced not by event planners but by the hosts themselves. With idea generators like Pinterest and Google images, DIY events–whether big or small–are all the rage.

But when the day of your event arrives, sometimes the greatest DIY success story needs a final touch from someone who can pull all the pieces together and keep the day flowing.

Event coordinators provide a terrific opportunity for you to plan your event, then actually enjoy your event while the coordinator manages each aspect of the day. Event coordinators have a vision for the success of the event so that the host/hostess look great in the eyes of their guests. No matter the day, its your day, and the event coordinator makes the magic happen by making sure cocktails and dinner are served on time, the special dances happen when they’re suppose to, as well as addressing potential issues at the venue.

ROLO entertainment offers skilled event coordinators that pick up where you left off in the planning process, making the day turn out as fabulous as you envisioned while making you look like a star.