Its a lot of fun to go through a DJ’s list of music and select songs for your upcoming nuptials. But getting your guests involved in the song selections in advance is a creative way for you to make sure your guests love every aspect of the party–including the music!

One way to get your guests involved–and actually return the RSVP card!–is to ask them to write down songs they want to hear on the RSVP card. Choose an invitation (or have one designed by us!) that allows your guests to choose a song they’d like to hear played. This pretty much guarantees happy guests and more eagerness to join the party on the dance floor. Of course, you’re free to reject any request you don’t approve of at your party or reception, but it’s kind of fun seeing what your friends and family will choose!

After gathering this information from your RSVP cards, of course you want to quickly deliver it to your DJ. Have fun!